Coproduction and consultation/ engagement are very different; historically public services have not done well when relying on consultation or engagement. Coproduction is a long-term relationship; we have the foundations to support that in the NW because of the infrastructure available through your subscriptions, the infrastructure we have is unique and celebrated outside the North West.

Future Coproduction support for Subscribers

In addition to the existing coproduction structures referred to above the Expert Hub is developing the work it can do to more widely support Subscribers, we acknowledge that coproduction is not happening properly in many areas.

A big concern in the NW from the Regional Forum relates to a reduction in funding for peer advocacy. The reality is that it is those peer advocacy skills that are vital to Experts by Experience and Coproduction.

NWTDT/ Pathways have worked with Experts by Experience to develop a training plan that focuses on strengthening and retaining the skills and competency of experts and families empowering them to speak up. This programme can lead to potential employment options for people through additional training e.g. CTR Expert by Experience, Train the Trainer, Welcome Values Quality Inspector etc.