How does subscribing support local improvements?

During the review of support to the North West from NWTDT, subscribers and other stakeholders told us that they wanted to pool the resources available through subscription to develop a core offer providing a more robust way of delivering work against agreed priorities along with an infrastructure that was available to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to support emerging issues either with no additional costs or within an agreed budget e.g. support for Transforming Care, suitably trained and supported Experts by Experience for Care and Treatment Reviews.

Priorities identified by commissioners, self-advocates and families partly through developing local Transformation Plans have become part of the work plan(s) for the ‘coproduction and support structure’ (see graphics) which have been agreed and shared with the Regional Forum, Regional Family Forum, Lead Officers group, the NW Confirm and Challenge Group and the NW Learning Disability Board.

Through discussion with all stakeholders the core offer provided by NWTDT/Pathways for subscribers is detailed below.

NWTDT will –

All of these regional and national links with self-advocates and families provide a resource for subscribers that can be used for general or specific consultation, engagement and coproduction. The groups continue to be used to respond to national consultation programmes as well as more local engagement/ coproduction activity. The North West is the only region in the country in a position to support this work on the scale that we do, that is solely down to 30+ years investment by public services working together to ensure people with a learning disability, autism or both and their families remain at the heart of what we do.

NWTDT also -

To support subscribers NWTDT also -

The NW Regional Forum hosts an annual Conference for people with a learning disability from all over the NW, subscriptions heavily subsidise the conference enabling the delegate charge to actually only fund board and accommodation at a reduced rate agreed with the hotel. The conference runs in February, in Blackpool. The agenda is developed by the Regional Forum and draws national, regional and local speakers. Issues in relation to Transforming Care have been high on the agenda particularly since the conference in 2012, post Panorama. A link to the agenda/ presentations from conference in 2017 can be found at –

Representatives from most areas attend conference and often do sponsored events to raise the funding for their places during our All About Us Fundraising period in the summer.

Subscribing Lead officers/ commissioners, NHSE, ADASS are invited to join conference for the final day to listen and work with delegates from local areas to coproduce plans which respond to issues raised at conference. In addition, Conference hosts an annual question time panel which responds to questions from conference and particularly identified via the coproduction structure. The questions posed at conference 2016 and the responses can be found by following the link above where there is also an accessible newsletter from Conference which also will show you that alongside the hard work there is a great deal of fun too.

This infrastructure provided by member’s subscriptions means that we can rapidly respond to emerging issues to support you.