Expert Hub

What is the NW Expert Hub?

If you are looking for a place where people with learning disabilities, autism or both and family carers can find opportunities to develop skills and confidence. Want the chance to take part in opportunities to develop services for people with learning disabilities, autism or both and other families.

If you need the skills people with lived experience of having a learning disability, autism or both or a family carers have to help with developing services in your area which will improve the lives of local people the Expert Hub can help.

Then the NW Expert Hub may be able to help.

What do we want the Hub to do?

Why we set it up?

NWTDT/ Pathways have always, and will always, operate at the interface between people with Learning Disabilities, autism or both, their friends and families and Commissioners supporting positive improvements and coproduction.

Based on the foundations we had laid over 30 years supporting the development of leadership and ‘speaking up skills’ Commissioners, from every CCGs and Local Authorities in the NW, asked us to support them through setting up a NW Expert by Experience Hub when Simon Stephens made the announcement that Care and Treatment Reviews were being introduced.
Within 2 weeks of the request we were good to go…..

What is an expert by experience?

Experts by Experience are people who have personal experience of using or caring for someone who uses health, mental health and/or social care services. Experts by Experience are paid for their time.

Pathways Expert Hub supports Experts by Experience to get involved in

How you become an Expert by Experience for Pathways Expert Hub?

We developed our own training for Experts by Experience with the Experts by Experience who had been involved in the work of the Expert Hub.

Level 1 – Speaking up and Leadership training. It is important that Experts by Experience understand about rights and speaking up and have had chance to practise those skills.

Level 2 – Specific training relating to the work the Expert by Experience may be involved in

Experts by Experience that do Care treatment reviews

Experts by Experience play a key role in Care and Treatment Reviews, for more information have a look at -

Experts by Experience that do training

Experts are involved in developing and delivering training including –

Experts by Experience that do Quality Reviews

Experts by Experience have been involved in delivering Welcome Values Quality Audits, have a look at the website -

“The project that Lancashire Care undertook with Pathways has been of great use to the Trust. It has highlighted some excellent practice and a real willingness of staff throughout our service to support the process and to work with wider stakeholders to identify appropriate, person centred solutions for people within our inpatient services.

The project also helped us to identify areas where our performance can be improved; the experience of Experts and Independent Clinicians who were panel members in our hospitals has provided valuable insight that we are using to ensure that the Trust provides a consistently high quality response to CTR, provides easy to navigate systems for families and commissioners and has clear linkages to other existing process such as CPA and community dynamic support registers.

The experience of working with Pathways was very positive; they were responsive and professional and enabled a full dialogue to be had with Experts to ensure that that the subtleties of their experiences were captured and included in this work.”

Stuart Sheridan
Learning Disability and Autism Transformation & Business Development Manager, Transformation Advisory Service (TAS), Innovation and Transformation, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

Independent Clinical Advisers who do Care Treatment Reviews

To work alongside Experts by Experience & responsible commissioners carrying out review of individuals’ care and treatment. ï‚· The clinical adviser will be somebody with a professional health qualification, such as Doctor (Psychiatrist), Psychologist, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist ï‚· The Clinical Adviser will be able to offer a different perspective to the existing clinical team and will engage the local team, reviewee and their family in discussion to identify barriers to discharge or to maintaining support in the community and ways of unblocking these. ï‚· The Clinical Expert, where required, will advise the other members of the team on matters such as the Mental Health and Capacity Acts, Diagnosis, mental and physical health issues, treatment options and their evidence base. ï‚· Clinical Experts are expected to promote Equality, Diversity and Human Rights throughout their role.

Independent Clinical Advisers who do LeDER reviews 

The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme is a world-first. It is the first national programme of its kind aimed at making improvements to the lives of people with learning disabilities. Reviews are being carried out with a view to improve the standard and quality of care for people with learning disabilities. People with learning disabilities, their families and carers have been central to developing and delivering the programme.

Some of our Independent Clinical Advisors have been involved in facilitating some of the reviews to support the LeDeR programme